Forbidden (Forbidden #1)

Forbidden (Forbidden #1)


Review by Bex ‘n’ Books, 4.5 stars.

Forbidden is a powerful opening to what I hope will be just the beginning of a compelling series. The short story opens with the introduction to a fascinating, albeit dark world, where women are breeders, men warriors or simply cannon fodder to the terrifying demons lurking on the outskirts.

We are introduced to the main character Jax. A warrior who begins to struggle with his role, his position in the world that he is living. He begins to question the sanity of the life that he is leading. J.V.K effectively opens up this captivating character to us, allowing us to feel compassion towards his cause.

It is when Jax is at his weakest, when he begins to doubt the world around him, that he meets an intriguing and somewhat cruel man. A man that turns his world upside down, and sparks desires in him that he wasn’t prepared for.

Forbidden flows smoothly and has lovely moments of real tension. Moments that are almost palpable. J.V.K has effectively developed a world that came to life, and characters that were terrifyingly real.

*Caution 18+: M/M Romance and Religious Content!

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Forbidden, Forbidden #1 cover Reveal!

Forbiddem, Forbidden #1 cover Reveal!

Book 1

This world is craved by war. A war started so long ago that no one remembers who or what began the endless bloodshed. A war between those who call themselves humans and the fallen ones – the demons. I am who I am. It is simple – my blood is red therefore I belong to the human side.

When Lucifer fell from the sky; he was casted away because he stood up for what he believed in. It might have not been the right thing to believe in, but he was casted out because he had a mind on his own, he had free will.

The same law applies now, to us, as well. Those who disobey, those who do not follow the King’s words are casted away, left for the demons, the fallen ones, the monsters – whatever you wish to call them. They are pierced on a wooden stake and left outside the gates of Heaven.

Funny. Such a rotten world to have such profound name… It makes me sick.

Those unfortunate enough to talk outside the lines created by the King are pierced by a wooden stake through their loins lifted up and left for dead. If they are lucky enough the gravity would reach their hearts faster than the demons could reach them.

Believe me – I have seen it. Being ate alive by them is something that no one deserves.

The King lived high above us – above everything. He is God. No one knows him. No one has seen him. Ever. At least no one that went to the castle has ever returned.

My name? I lost my name when I was called into the elite force. There are seven of us. Seven for each general the other side has. If one of us falls – another rises. If one of them falls – he will simply be reanimated.

It is not fair to be human, not all the time. But at least we can still feel love or happiness aside from the gray specter of hate the other side has. We do not know them and they do not know us. The battlefield is simple. Kill or be killed. No one wants to die, so we fight for our lives. At least we fight for something that belongs to us, even if it is disputable. If we were the rulers of our own destiny I would have never chosen the path I walk on. Even now, I was not, the one that forced me into this.

None of us were given a choice. None of us.