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Black Lace is a truly original read. I have yet to read another ‘vampire’ book quite like it. The originality lies directly in the uniqueness of the plot and and storyline. It weaves and twists so quickly, and generally has a very fast pace, so much so that I was out of breath keeping up. The plot development was constantly moving and pushing forward, taking the characters to several intriguing places.
-Becky, Bex ‘n’ Books

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Reviewer’s thoughts:

“Black Lace is a very fascinating, dark and remarkable book. I was hooked from beginning to end, the characters were interesting, funny, and all around awesome and fun to read about. I especially like the main character Vivian because she was so funny and powerful throughout the story. Vivian knows how to take care of herself and is not afraid to express how she feels. She is a strong, smart, and amazing character and I love her relationship with Micheal. Their relationship in the book goes up and down, from gentle touches and sweet words, to moments when they just want to kill each other. But I think that’s what I like about their relationship, its not perfect yet somehow it all works. I really recommend everyone who enjoys a great book to read Black Lace, trust me it is amazing. Here are some of my favorite parts in the book:

“That, my dear, means that to every other shape- shifter, as well as vampire, there is a warning that they cannot mate with you or harm you in any other way or they will be haunted by your little Chihuahua.”

She looked him with indifference and tried to pass by him. He stretched his hand and hit his palm, against the door frame in front of her face. She didn’t’ shiver but looked at him furious and pointed one of her favorite guns at his face. He looked shocked for a second then said. “I have no idea where you put those things!” ”


Black Lace, Paths of the Spirit series by J.V.K., a brand new dark paranormal romance series! You will meet a world of demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and many more mystical creatures in a dynamic fantasy world where to live means to obey.
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Black Lace, Paths of the Spirit series #1, Quote



Vivian Donovan Rei.

At eighteen years old, she’s a girl whose biggest problem is which gun to take when she goes out at night. Particularly small and apathetic, and heir to a wealthy family, she was promised in marriage to one of the last pure-blooded vampires. Beholden, she must comply with the laws of the Council, headed by her future father-in-law.

Rei keeps her secrets fiercely and doesn’t allow anyone near her easily. She is the ‘watchdog’ of the order of Raven, Town Utopia, for creatures who broke off from the known evolution and who seek asylum.

In the Raven, she is the law: judge, jury and executioner.

‘Black Lace’ is a breathtaking story about ‘free’ choice, love and a young woman’s struggle to find her place in a fierce world. This is an exciting and extraordinary story of love and betrayal, one that will leave you captivated and desperately seeking more.

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Black Lace, Paths of the spirit series by J.V.K. #1, needs your help!
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Black Lace has just undergone an edit with Hot Tree Editing.

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Black Lace

(Paths of the Spirit #1)
By: J.V.K

Front Cover  Synopsis

Vivian Donovan Rei.
At eighteen years old, she’s a girl whose biggest problem is which gun to take when she goes out at night. Particularly small and apathetic, and heir to a wealthy family, she was promised in marriage to one of the last pure-blooded vampires. Beholden, she must comply with the laws of the Council, headed by her future father-in-law.
Rei keeps her secrets fiercely and doesn’t allow anyone near her easily. She is the ‘watchdog’ of the order of Raven, Town Utopia, for creatures who broke off from the known evolution and who seek asylum.
In the Raven, she is the law: judge, jury and executioner.
‘Black Lace’ is a breathtaking story about ‘free’ choice, love and a young woman’s struggle to find her place in a fierce world. This is an exciting and extraordinary story of love and betrayal, one that will leave you captivated and desperately seeking more.
Dark Paranormal Fantasy
290 pages
Average Rating

4.5 of 5 Stars

What People are saying about it

J.V.K really developed a story line that was strong and very gripping; it catches your attention and has instances that you can relate to in real life, she builds a reality that is not only believable but also encouraging, as her story Black Lace is really all about free choice.–Paranormal Reads

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Vivian is not your average female character. She is no damsel in distress for sure, but she does suffer from some major mood swings and some temper issues. She isn’t one that needs rescuing, except from maybe herself. This book has vampires, werewolves and a few other creatures, but doesn’t follow the same style as most books in this genre. If you are looking for something different that has action and some heated moments, this is the read for you. – Mystical World of Book Reviews

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What a deliciously dark and twisted love story! Brilliantly complex characters pull you in and keep you captivated. Just when you think it can’t get any better, the author takes you back to scenes and replays the treasures that you missed! The beginning of an amazing series…a must-read indeed! – Kristy Bueno


Black Lace is a truly original read. I have yet to read another ‘vampire’ book quite like it. The originality lies directly in the uniqueness of the plot and storyline. It weaves and twists so quickly, and generally has a very fast pace, so much so that I was out of breath keeping up. – Bex ‘n’ Books

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The Author


A native Bulgarian, J.V.K. spent her youth studying foreign languages. Education has always been, and still is, a big part of her life. She achieved her first bachelor degree when she was seventeen while still at school. Now, she is a college student in her second year with a future ambition as an economist.
She spends her free time writing, reading, drawing or watching amines. Music is also a huge part of her life. She loves technologies and graphic programs.
‘Black Lace’ is her first book to be published, a fascinating dark paranormal fantasy, which is the gripping first part in her ‘Paths of the spirit’ series. Since her release of Black Lace, she has additionally published a collection of short stories, novellas and poetry.
J.V.K has a steady following of loyal fans who have been swept away by her creativity and original style. Her writing has been described as spellbinding and new and refreshing.
 If you like her writing, she would love for you share your thoughts with her.
“The Pride will separate the Death, and the Vow will bring the wrath of the Rei.” Red Moon, Path’s of the Spirit series #2​

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Chapters 1 and 2, Red Moon, Paths of the Spirit series #2

Chapter 1

Vivian woke up and realized how painful it was for her to move, she was shaking and the needle in her arm was cutting her. Her right eye was badly swollen and her lip was cracked as well, her face was dark purple and her gentle pale skin was covered in ugly yellow-blue bruises. She swallowed the tears and the painful moan in her throat.

Aaron loudly closed the book he was reading, it smelled of old leather and sheets. On the leather binding was carved the symbol that was tattooed on the back of her shoulders – two burning suns, the little one was laid in the big one and its rays were curling in elegant lines. He left the book on the nightstand next to her pendant as he stood up and leaned towards her.
“You are healing much slower since we arrived in Europe,” he noted out loud. She tried to speak but he put his finger on her lips and the pain silenced her, he relaxed on the bed and gazed into her eyes then sighed tiredly. “You know, we are two days behind, you just get broken so easily.” He followed the bruises on her face with the tip of his finger, “You are a Covenant soldier, so start acting like one!”
“Same goes for you!” she said constrained. “Of all the things you could do, you sit beside my bed like a little dog!” the talking made the wound on her lip open and the taste of blood filled her mouth, she coughed out bloody balloons.
“Easy, we have no use for you if you are dead!” he rushed to her, but she pushed him back, her bones made a cracking noise. Her hands wrapped hard around his neck and her fingers sank deep drawing out blood.
“You have quite the energy for someone in your condition”, he hit her and she fell on the floor hitting her head and remained lying on the cold floor. “Be in the basement in fifteen minutes”, He hissed and left her lying on the floor.Two Days after she left Michael on that road and became P’eter’s slave, Aaron had cut her hair short, she wasn’t allowed to use the phone or make contact to the outside world, the windows in her room were sealed. She couldn’t tell if it was day or night, her eyes were injured by the artificial light and she could only assume that the season had changed because her hair had grown a little under her shoulders. She was lying on the floor shaking with rage, but if she could turn back time she would still have made the same choice. She rolled on her back and touched the cold floor, she closed her eyes and thought of the only person who could make the pain go away, Michael. Before her eyes appeared his gorgeous blue eyes, his image was giving her strength. She was one step away from calling out to him, but her body had suffered so many injuries and the pain was agonizing. She was longing to crawl into his arms, to inhale his aroma and feel his touch, hear his voice telling her the three words that would make the last few months disappear.
Someone knocked on the door, she slowly opened her eyes and two golden haired heads showed themselves from the slightly opened mahogany door. The pale color of their hair was in a contrast with the dark wood, they always wore oversized cloths. The twins were still children, they were fifteen and normally no one could tell them apart, one of them got closer and crouched next to her. Both of them had a leather collars on their necks, the other hugged his brother and leaned forward.
“Aaron is angry.” The crouched one said.
“He wants you to go to him,” the other one said. Their voices were still childish at this Vivian smiled at the children and kneeled. She caressed them both at the same time on their heads and rose, they caught her by the hands and started to pull her out of her room.
“I don’t like when you fight.” One of them said.
“Me neither.” The other one nodded. “Aaron isn’t nice when he is angry.” They shivered.
“Don’t worry; I won’t let him hurt you.” She smiled and said warmly.
“You are human, even we are stronger than you.” They said at the same time. She stopped and pulled them closer to her so she could hug them both, they were as tall as her so it wasn’t much of a problem.
“You are late!” Aaron’s voice reached her and he pulled on her hair strongly from behind, the twins let her go and froze. He slammed her against the petrous wall and her body fell heavily on the stairs, he rolled her over and started to drag her down. The twins stuck to the railing, her head hit every stair until he let her go at the end. Her eyes got crystal and a small pool of blood started to form under her head, her hair was soaked and Aaron sighed. He coughed in her face as he lifted her up, he caught her chin and slightly opened her mouth and dropped 2 drops of P’eter’s blood in her mouth.
Vivian found herself lying on the cold floor at the end of the stairway and the twins cuddled close into her. She moved slightly and they woke up, they looked worried, her hair was sticky cause of the blood. She sat up slowly, the twins helped her, she covered her face with her arm to hide the frustration and despair in her eyes.
“Stop slacking off!” Aaron caught her hair and tried to lift her head but she didn’t move, so he pulled harder. Her anger finally took its toll and the next time he pulled she jumped and rolled him over. She slammed him against the stairs, tore off his pendant, the jewelry filled her palm as she kept hitting his face with rage. He was looking at her with empty eyes while she hit him, after a while the red in her eyes pushed away and her face features curved. She threw the pendant at him and burst into a crazy laughter as she began to scratch and slap him, he caught her hands restraining her.
“Calm down!” he yelled. Soon her body softened in his hands and he let her go, she collapsed on top of him; his hands were loosely spread on his sides. The twins were holding hands, one of them picked up the bloody jewelry. “Daniel, bring her water.” He said and they both nodded.
He pushed her up and she sat on top of him, her head was bent and her hair was falling in front of her eyes. He reached his hand to remove the bangs but something warm and salty fell on his thumb and slid down onto his palm. His fingers twitched as he lifted her up and rose at the same time, he carried her up the stairs and passed the room with the sealed windows. He carried her to a room with king size bed and velvet sheets with windows, although they were hidden behind heavy curtains, a room with hairy, soft carpet. He opened an oak door with golden handle and carried her inside, he placed her into the shower.
“Don’t mess my room.” With these cold words he left her alone.
She hugged her knees and slowly opened her eyes, she had no idea where she was. She hasn’t seen P’eter since that night, god knows when that was. She sighed and silently laughed to herself, she was praying to go mentally ill, maybe then they would let her be. Her pupils rolled around in her eye sockets as she took in what surrounded her, the bathroom was clean and well appointed, she looked up and saw the shower head above her.

“I would kill for a long warm bath”, she said to herself. She took off her clothes slowly and careful not to spread blood or dirt around and placed them into the laundry basket. She let the water run as it started to get hot to the touch. She slid down into the tub and let the water take her pain away, soon her muscles relaxed and her body softened, her mind drifted away to some happy memories. She shivered.

Chapter 2

“You are beautiful.” Michael voice caressed her skin and she smiled.
“I think I would look better without it.” The woman’s voice was low and inviting. He smiled and kissed her neck.
“You always look beautiful, especially naked.” He turned her towards him and their lips touched each other.

Michael, how was he doing? Was he okay? The questions were twirling in her head while the water poured onto her, the steam was thick and suffocating. She slightly opened her lips so she could let a breathe out. She leaned against the tiles as she shivered and ran her fingers through her hair, they got stuck halfway because of the blood. She washed it with soap she found near the shower and leaned her head against the tiles once again. Her eyes were half closed, in her mind she was craving his touch and breathe upon her skin, his strong arms around her, keeping her safe…
Michael was lying on his back in a bed with wine red silk sheets; his hand was loose over his eyes with his palm facing the ceiling. His torso was naked and his eyes rolled to his left, there was an auburn haired woman lying next to him. She was lying on her side and the sheet was rolled over her hip, revealing a big part of her butt cheeks, there was a tattoo on her back, similar to the one that Vivian had. The upper symbol was the same as the second one on Michael’s back.

Vivian stopped the water and wrapped herself with a champagne colored kerchief even though it was meant to be used to absorb the water from the hair, she was tiny and it fit perfectly around her chest and waist. She got to the mirror and wiped away the steam, what stared back at her was a smeared reflection. She couldn’t see the face of the body well, just the blue eyes that were watching her with fury and pain, it caused her to jump a little and turn around, there was no one behind her.

Michael closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, something sweet and thrilling filled his lungs. The scent was so light that he barely could smell it. He jumped so fast that the sheet folded around his hips. He looked around and opened his senses.

Cinnamon, Cinnamon and white flowers.

With every breath the scent was getting stronger, his manhood grew and the agitation hit him so hard that his muscles strained. His back curved back forming a rainbow shape and he purred. The aroma was crawling on his skin, getting under it. His body was shaking convulsively. A big smile cracked his lips and he bent his head back. His fingers were sinking into the mattress, his hands began to change and his nails tore it. The woman next him woke up and that is when it happened, Vivian got sucked into his head. He saw the line of her neck, her breast and her slightly opened juicy lips with the desire in her eyes.

Michael jumped from the bed and the sheets fell to the floor, he was searching for the source of the aroma, a tiny line of saliva was dripping from the edge of his mouth. He stopped in front of the mirror on the door of the wardrobe and saw a tiny, beaten up figure. She had the saddest eyes, her tiny hand reached for him and he turned around but there was no one behind him. After so many months, he finally could feel her, he turned to the mirror and there was nothing in it, but his own reflection. He was watching, his eyes however were not blue, they had the color of her eyes. One of them was red and the other – normal. A single tear fell from his eyes and when he touched it, it became blood.
Aaron smashed the bathroom door, he was furious. He hit her in the fold of the knee and she fell on one knee. He forced her head down and caught the kerchief and pulled it, she clung to it and he tore the fiber. The ink of her tattoo was melting away. He caught her neck and hit her face against the mirror.

“What did you do?!” he hit her again with pieces of the glass shattered in the sink and on the floor. She grabbed the first one she could reach and stuck it in to his neck. She cut her palm deep, but she succeeded to surprise him. She didn’t hesitate and grabbed the other towel, she tried to open the door, but it was locked. She dropped the towel and grabbed the sweater and the underwear from the bed. She barely had a chance to put the plimsolls when he caught her by the hair and pulled her back. He was holding his neck, it was still bleeding, she reached for him and sank her fingers into the still healing wound. The tips of her fingers touched something warm and pumping, she smirked at him and pulled the vein. The pain was enough for him to loosen his grip, she rolled over him and threw him against the window. She jumped after him and hit his face with her knee, she landed on top of him and her palm sank into the soft cold snow. She looked around, they were in the middle of nowhere, the woods were surrounding her, she jumped faster than any thought she ever had and started to run.

Michael’s fury was devastating, he tried to call Christian but his phone broke under the pressure of his strength. Almost six months had passed after the night that Sam got home and Vivian had become P’eter’s hostage. He threw the broken piece of technology against the wall, the women rolled on the side of the bed and snuggled between the night stand and the bed, Michael was on a rampage, she was afraid. He could still feel the warmth of the aroma; it was like her skin was pressing against his, there was no way that he could mistake her scent.
She was running, it seemed like no one was coming after her, it was cold, her legs were red and her hair was starting to freeze. She stopped and looked around, every breath was painful, she squeezed her chest, turning around. She saw two little white leopards coming from the direction where she came from, she started to make little, slow steps back. The leopards were about to make their final attack, when a pair of two naked bodies fell on top of her.

“Don’t go.” One of them buried his nose in her hair, their naked parts were rubbing against her naked legs. Her sweater was gathered and her stomach was exposed, their warm bodies felt good. They heard a growl and she looked behind her, she saw P’eter’s projection. He seemed angry, a white wolf with big scar on his right hip growled at P’eter and he sighed, kicking the animal, the twins rose on their arms protectively.

“Tsk,” P’eter said “Bad girl.” The wolf growled again and showed his teeth, a tiny trickle of blood was flowing from his mouth. P’eter’s eyes shrunk and his lips curved in evil smile, he made a step forward to the twins. He moved his leg to kick them but Vivian caught it, she squeezed the leather boot, the matter wrinkled and the tips of her fingers sank into it. Her eyes were glowing with wrath, P’eter laughed. “Did you forget our deal?” he asked and his voice sounded like a snake. She strained her muscles and hit him against the nearest tree, his spirit went through it and soon he regained his balance.

“Stay away from them.” She said through clenched teeth, her skin was emitting a special scent. The twins and the wolf bent down, one of her eyes became yellow and the other red.

“Incredible.” P’eter gasped.

“Crawl back to your hole.” she said and from the command in her voice the twins hid behind her and whimpered. “They are mine.”

“You are human, so know your place.”

“Human or not, you are the one that’s afraid not me.”

“Hah!” he laughed. She disappeared from his sight and caught his throat.

“Don’t insult me!” she lifted him in the air, “Did you forget who I am?” her hair started to flow around her. “It was a mistake to send your little soul after me!” with these words a red energy ball started to form in her hand. She was about to stick it in his chest when Aaron caught her by the shoulder and pulled her back. He kneeled in front the distorted image of P’eter and apologized, he made Vivian to kneel, too. P’eter disappeared after a while completely, still trying to breath.

Vivian threw snow into Aaron’s eyes, he waved with his hand to protect his eyes and reached with his other hand towards her. She was faster and kicked him under his kneepad, his bone made a wet cracking sound and he fell with painful growl. His throat was healed. he broke his healing knee and fix it so it could grow back normal as she waited for him to stand again.

“You’ve been a very big pain in the ass, Vivian!” he said with contempt.

“I do what I can.” She shrug her shoulders.

“I thought we had something special.” he jumped on her but she lied on her back and kicked him away. His body flew and he twirled in the air and changed his direction, he moved fast and efficient. She was as fast as him moving with inhuman speed, drawing power from her connection with Michael she looked magnificent. Aaron swiped at her and she blocked his blow again. She tried to kick him, but he caught her ankle. She jumped and kicked him in the nose with her other leg, he let her go and she used her arms to jump away from him.

“Very nice.” He wiped the blood in his mouth.

“Piss off!”

“What a foul mouth…” he said ironically. She instinctively reached for her hip holster, but it wasn’t there.

“Aah, poor you.” she tried to drain even more from the alpha strength of Michael, but she got sucked in his head again, he was yelling at Christian, Michael’s muscles were even bigger. That distraction was enough for Aaron to hit her and make her lose her conscious.

2012 Copyright by J.V.K.